Daily Archives: October 16, 2012

And so it ends…

I delivered the finished draft of Tower Lord to my editor yesterday. The final word count, including appendices, came in at a little over 238,000. If you’ve read my previous updates you’ll know I was expecting rewrites to take me up to December but the fact is I simply couldn’t find anything else I wanted to change. I have to stress this doesn’t mean the book is finished, there will inevitably be notes from my editor, probably some future rewrites, plus copy edits, proofs etc, but for now at least, I’m done.

As ever, I have no idea when it will actually come out, since the publisher’s version of Blood Song isn’t likely to appear until next year. But at least those looking forward to the next instalment will have the comfort of knowing there won’t be a decades long wait for it. As for the third book though…


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