Tower Lord Milestone #6

I completed the first draft of Tower Lord approximately ten minutes ago. The word count runs at just over 237,000, which means it’ll probably shrink to the 230k mark after rewrites. On the whole I’m happy with it; no unsightly gaps that need filling or superfluous characters (I hope) but, inevitably, there are some things that need fixing before it’s ready for delivery – plot conflicts, prose-tyding, deciding if I’ve killed off enough characters, that kind of thing.

Currently feeling the anticlimactic fugue state that tends to set in after I finish something. Hopefully it’ll wear off tomorrow. I’ll be taking a break from Tower Lord for the rest of September, Dead Space 2 won’t play itself after all, and it’s usually a good idea to get some distance from a draft before starting rewrites. There won’t be any more updates until I’ve actually finished and delivered to my editor,  probably in December, so please accept the following answers to some likely questions:

– No, I don’t know when it’ll be released.

– No, I don’t know when Blood Song will be available in print either.

– Sorry, but I don’t need alpha, beta or proof readers but thanks for the offer.

Oh, must dash, someone’s calling. I think it might be my much-missed friend sleep.

PS. online sales of Blood Song passed the 30,000 mark last weekend. By the souls of the Departed I swear undying gratitude to you all.

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  • justbenhere

    Congrats on reaching the 30k mark, first book was amazing and all of your fans have high expectations for the 2nd book so take your time!

  • Mors

    Sad to hear that we won’t be getting Tower Lord anytime soon.While Blood Song was an excellent book in terms of fantasy, it broke no boundaries that’ll keep it etched into a reader’s mind. I just don’t know if somebody like me who reads three books a week will remember to jump on Tower Lord if it’s late by a couple of years.

    Though I’m sure your publishing house won’t let the book languish. Good luck with the third one too! 🙂

    As an aside, have you ever taken a look at Paul Hoffman’s Left Hand of God? Has some superficial but stronng similarities to Blood Song, I must say.

    • Anthony Ryan

      Thanks Mors.
      Looks like Paul Hoffman is another name to add to my list of authors I haven’t read but who’s work resembles mine in some way.

    • Marc

      @mors kind of a jerk comment. Authors shouldn’t just pump out books they should take their time and make something great.

      @Anthony enjoy your vacation. I’d be interested to know what other video games you play.

      • RO

        With you 100% Marc. Mors should speak for himself. “Etched in a readers mind” sounds like he’s speaking for you and me. Speaking for “myself,” I burn thru many > e-books, but I also have old smelly bound hardbacks, and cheap origional paperbacks going back to “Of Mars.” Good origional characters and tales speak for themselves. Keep it positive Mors, you know you won’t be forgeting the Brothers.
        Hey Marc, Do ya think Anthony plays Skyrim? Diablo II, III? What about a Skyrim MOD of the Realm? What about it Ffloyd, Dragonbone Darkblade does 600 damage?

      • zarilya

        Agreed. Blood Song is certainly etched in my mind. Besides, all fantasy has basic elements in common. The same people that complain that a book didn’t break new ground would probably be the ones that complain if it didn’t contain those basic fantasy foundations, or was too different. You can’t win for loosing. LOL. Mr. Ryan, I just say take your time and keep up the good work. I take a vacation from my job every year…. why shouldn’t writers get vacations too?

  • Samantha

    So happy to hear that your news and definitley looking forward to reading the finished product. Can;t wait until it’s ready for pre-order, cause then I’ll know what day I’ll need to take a “mental health” day so that I can spend it reading your book!

  • Hollywood

    Wanted to tell you I took a break from reading the Game of Thrones saga, while simultaneously awaiting the release of Brent Weeks The Blinding Knife, to read Blood Song. I can therefore say with certainty that your work fits in very well with some of the greatest authors this genre has to offer. Keep up the good work and I will look forward to hearing more of Vaelin’s song. You have made me a fan, brother.

  • Sara

    get some sleep!

  • Alex

    Your book (Blood Song) is the best fantasy book I’ve read yet for this year! Thank you so much for such a wonderful book!

  • Zizawah

    Ditto to Hollywood’s comment! Just finished Blood Song and I couldn’t put it down. Your writing is simply TERRIFIC! I’m definitely now your fan as well!

  • nicole

    OMG Congrats! I CAN’T WAIT!

  • SciFi & Fantasy Reader

    Amazing. An author who 1) writes well, 2) says what he will do, and then 3) does what he says. Talent + work ethic = a career.

    I am eagerly awaiting the release of your second book. However long it takes, I’ll be there to buy it when the time comes.

    Well done finishing the draft. I hope you enjoy your gaming. I found Bulletstorm to be a more wild (and fun) game to play than Dead Space 2 when I wanted to “shoot stuff up”. You can do some really amazing and fun shooting tricks in Bulletstorm, and there is some great humor in the game. Good luck!

  • Sarsar

    Hello again!
    I was wondering if you have picked up a copy of The Last Wish? I just stumbled upon it recently. I know in all of the spare time you have **chuckle** you would likely enjoy reading it, as well. Good to hear things are still going well for you, and can’t wait to curl up with your next book whenever we are lucky enough to see it in print )

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Sara.
      Haven’t read The Last Wish – looks interesting though. I must confess my reading has suffered lately due to the obvious but I’m looking forward to getting back to it when Tower Lord’s in the bag.

      • Sarsar

        It will be in the bag soon enough, no worries! It’s autumn, the best time of the year, and a great time to take long NAPS!!!

      • Raymond

        As in Sapkowski’s The Last Wish?
        Since you’re an avid gamer, you may want to check the game too (The Witcher) :).

  • Anis

    Blazed through your book. The plot , the writing style (!) and the flow is unbelievably good. Haven’t read a book as fascinating as yours since harry potter 4

    Can’t wait for the next one! Thank you for this great piece of fantasy

  • RO

    Whatup player? (Game player!) Time to recharge and blow $#/? up! Good for you Brother, you earned it. There are some great games out there. Team Fortress has a new Beta that is quite sick with it. Gotta Game on a PC though, that is where you get the cool mods. I’m pitching this cause I know there is a brother from the Sixth Order out there who is down to code a “Shadow of the Raven” quest for Skyrim, or Half Life Deathmatch. but we have to get Anthony to play it …

    • Anthony Ryan

      I’ve deliberately avoided Skyrim – I have books to write and I’ve heard it takes months to fully complete and once I’m hooked I don’t stop till it’s done. Hate to sound like Mr Corporate but I think a “Shadow of the Raven” game might involve paying a large royalty fee to my publisher – wouldn’t want yout to get sued or anything. Maybe it’s OK if it’s on a fan-fic, not for profit basis – I’m no lawyer, but your friend really should check it out first.

      • RO

        Big 10-4 on that good buddy, don’t get the wrong idea. Thats a lot of work, and I wouldn’t want anyone but you and yours to get any gold, credit, exposure, etc. that would be generated. The mods are generally open source, and normally only the x-box cross overs cost anything. I do know that the Lord of the Ring mod was shut down for that very thing. But, it is quite enjoyable to play a game MOD created by a fan as a tribute to a favorite epic tale, and the buzz created in the gaming community spreads like wildfire.Team Fortress and Minecraft are two older games recently combined in MOD format to become the new hotness, and their servers are flooded with literally thousands of fresh faces after a great storyline. Point being…..
        Skyrim is about training with masters to gain skills, craft weapons, survive tests, and take on epic quests. Practically a page out of your incredible book. Spreading the word to the millions of avid gamers out there would give them what they are looking for, in high res graphics. And I would get what I am looking for-More Raven, and my favorite author filthy rich enough to never stop writing.
        Pardon the outburst, no disrespect intended.

  • lynx

    Fantastic news. Sitting here in Londontown (visiting!) flicking through my kindle and remembered I was waiting for your next novel. I’ll be honest I have devoured a ton of “stories”on kindle but I am not waiting for any “next in series” but yours. I am very happy with the non traditional tack of the story and the writing is also on the spot. (Very sort of non formulaic… id say “like Steven erikson” but only in the sense of no a to z fantasy formulas bring followed. Highly refreshing.)

  • fpiterak

    I just finished Blood Song. Thanks for a great book. I am an “older” reader who loves Fantasy and Science Fiction – OK – actually any genre that is well written, unique, and makes me read till dawn! I have over a thousand paperbacks and several hundred hard cover books. Now, starting to collect books on my kindle – mostly Fantasy and Science fiction. Those are only the ones I can’t ever let go of! Blood Song is definitely one of them. Again thanks for the great read.

  • gerardo

    Hi, I finished the Blood Song a few days ago and all I can say is..WOW! Thanks for a couple of almost sleepless nights.. my bedtime reading hours extended .. a lot. I am no expert but I am really enjoying the characters and in general the mythology in the background. Looking forward to know more about the Empire and the foundation of the original seven aspects. Keep up the great plot =)

  • SouthseaSpurs

    Just finished Blood Song last night. Utterly captivating. Really, one of the strongest fantasy books out there. Well done. I loved it and I rate it very highly. Look forward to the next one. Posted a glowing review on – well worthy of 5 stars.

    • SouthseaSpurs

      PS. Charge more for the 2nd book. It’s worth it and we’ll all buy it!

      • Evan

        I would definitely pay more. It is a fantastic book. Recommended it to a few friends. I have been nudging them to read it, while they can get it for $2.99.
        I will be looking forward to Tower Lord regardless of when it comes out.

  • lars

    I hope you don’t mind that I mentioned you and your book few times in a blog post on my site. Blood Song is only mentioned in three or four paragraphs, in an extremely long post (12,000 words) though.

  • Barbara

    I think you need more publicity. I literally stumbled upon your book after concerted searches on the web for good new sf/fantasy. You don’t have a Wikipedia page, which would help, and you’re not coming up on a lot of ‘best’ pages. But your book is exactly the type appealing to

  • Katee

    Loved Blood Song … Glad to hear draft is complete and will be really happy to read finished product. Thanks for sharing your updates.

  • jasonite75

    Take your time and enjoy yourself man, I really enjoyed the first book and am looking forward to the next! I’m hoping the second entry lives up to the promise of the first.

  • Timofte Bogdan

    i bought your book . Peace from Romania 😛

    • Jason Blackwell

      I bought blood song from amazon kindle store as I bought another book and seeing that it had 500-5 star reviews. Best book Ive read in a long time!! Thanks so much and I look forward to Tower!

      Ps: if you are looking for something else epic to read, find a used copy of “Shike: time of the dragons” on amazon, or read it online as its out of print. I think you’ll dig it.

  • CJHill

    Just finished Blood Song and I’m already wishing the next one was available. I ‘found’ you when I happened across the Slab City stories, which I also love. You’ve created two wonderful worlds, given them great characters, and have managed to leave me wanting more. I shall try to be patient for the next book… but it’s gonna be hard.

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