Tower Lord Milestone #5

The first draft passed the 200,000 word mark today which means I’m firmly in the final straight (insert horse racing metaphor here – not falling at the final hurdle, a last sprint to see me over the line etc).

At the current rate the first draft should be done by mid-September, whereupon I shall reacquaint myself with the phenomena known as sleep (blessed, blessed sleep, my old friend, how I’ve missed you). However, rewrites should keep me fully occupied until December. No-one ever said this would be easy.

19 responses to “Tower Lord Milestone #5

  • Andy

    I loved Blood Song and am eagerly anticipating its sequel. It’s terrific that your rough draft is coming along quickly, but i am curious as to what this means for us readers. I am wondering how Tower Lord’s release date is dependent upon the release of book 1’s print edition, and when we can expect to be flipping through those pages.


    Wonderful news!! All your hard work is much appreciated!


  • Melinda

    But it will all be worth it. I put you on My Authors to Watch List in 2012. It went out yesterday. It has it’s own page on my blog. BTW, the blog will soon be a book store, so I will be selling Tower Lord as well as Blood Song too. Not a bad thing, as long as I keep giving them good review Huh? I am now an Approved Amazon Afflilate, which means I can sell all their fiction. I am doing just that in a few days. So don’t miss my opening! I’ll let you know when it will be. As for Tower Lord – Congratulations! Remember that ARC that I wanted? Maybe as a bookseller, it will be easier to get one for me, what do you think? Let me know, please? I can’t imagine a better read than Tower Lord on the horizon. Will your publishers put it up on NetGalley? If so, I can get it there. If not, then you are my only source. I am begging, right here and right now for that ARC copy, so I can help promote the book, as not only a reviewer but a bookseller. Tell your publisher, he can have all the quotes that he wants. I will even custom tailor them to his needs. I promise. I know how to do these things after 20 years of Marketing experience. He can even write the quote for my approval. Anything to get the ARC or the galley, or whatever form he wants to give me. I look forward to hearing from you about this, as I know you will help me out. Thank you Anthony (which is really not your name – your name is Fflloyd).

  • jasonite75

    I’m new to your blog. I just finished Blood Song and thoroughly enjoyed it. Am I wrong in hoping that Tower Lord is book 2?

  • meli

    Loved loved loved Blood Song. Can’t wait for your next effort! Just remember… sleep is for wimps. If fact, you probably shouldn’t spend time blogging… write write write! and thank you!

  • Unaskedeye

    Blood Song was fantastic! You have created an enchanting and thrilling fantasy world. I’m anxiously waiting for the next book. I can’t wait to find out what happens. If you need beta or review readers, send a copy my way!

  • Thayes

    Blood Song is one of the most beautifully written novels I have had the privilege to read. The intricacies woven into the narrative and story were exhilarating. I think the reason that this book was so captivating for me personally, is your unique ability to weave music into words. From what I have read December will be the soonest that I can seek refuge from the monotonous routine of my life live in your imagination. Thank you, Anthony Ryan your hard work is significantly appreciated.

  • Mark D

    Dear Brother,
    You have passed your tests and have proven you are on course to becoming a master and one day an aspect of the order of great fantasy writers.
    Ok a tad corny but I send the highest compliments. Your gift of slowly weaving a powerful Story around deep characters and a rich world with endless mysteries left me devouring every word. Now I wait, as our hero waits outside the city.
    I wish you rest and rest assured your work is greatly appreciated . Looking forward to book 2.

  • Chris

    Can I please get an update on tower lord? I search it every day on amazon!!!!

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Chris,
      Probably best if you search again in summer of next year. The release date will be published on this blog when I know it.

      • Mike

        I’ll be half way through with a year long stint to the ME summer of next year. I’ll have my Kindle if you wanna somehow hook me up with an ecopy. I’m sure it’ll help the passage of time as I try to keep from going insane with wishing I was home.

        In all seriousness, Blood Song was great. Your work launched itself into my top three favorite reads. I routinely check in on you via goodreads. Great work and I wish you all the best with your career.

        I’m sure I can purchase the kindle edition while I’m over there. At least I hope so, I’m not sure. If not ill get someone to forward a hard copy.

        Once again, awesome job! I’m constantly spreading the word about your work.

  • Sarah

    Dear Anthony,

    Just finished Blood Song. What a fantastic, wonderful and amazing read.
    What I find quite interesting is that you’ve left the story so wide WIDE open. There is the great unanswered question of ‘what will this dark thing do’ but apart from that, it could go aaanywhere!!! Just fantastic. Has me itching for more, but not anxious or worried about the characters (I get way sucked into my books, no judging please) 🙂 this story could be a good ending, a bad ending. It’s exciting, I just have no idea where this will go now!!!

    Anyway, don’t stress, lose sleep or let us readers badger you. Take the story where you will, let it evolve and take shape in your mind. I will patiently (but eagerly) wait and look forward to the sequel.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Daniel Gaines

    I just wanted to say thanks for your work. It is a wonderful book. However even though i really want to see where the story leads in the future, I do not wish that you get overly stressed from the whole ordeal. Your story has helped to distract and entertain me in many instances, and I wish only that you have as much fun writing as I do reading,

    Good luck and thanks,

    Daniel Gaines

  • Johnny

    Mr. Ryan. I have just finished “Blood Song” and it was amazing!!! But the only thing I’m wondering is there a sequel and if so please let me know the name so I can go buy it now!!!

  • Ameer

    I literally just finished reading blood song an hour ago. I am in love with your book and can’t wait for the next! I will keep re-reading while I wait hahaha.

    Thank you for writting!!


  • Gutts

    Blood Song reminded me of an old, old book from way back when called, Talion Revenant. Awesome book!!!

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