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Hi, I’m Anthony Ryan, a writer of fantasy and science fiction. Welcome to my blog. This is where I’ll be posting news about my work and generally wittering on about stuff I like. Enjoy.

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  • Lynne May

    G’day Anthony Ryan. I have left a review of your Ravens Shadow book on my ipad but hell knows if it worked. I discovered your book quite by accident as I gathered several books as samples for future purchase. Have never read a self published author before even though I have been reading Scifi/fantasy for 50 years. After reading this book, it amazes me that one of the big publishers have not engaged you. Thoroughly enjoyed it. One small pick – too many spelling errors and/or typos. $1.99 is ridiculous for your book! Put the price up for the next one to recognise your talent at the very least. Okay, now I want the next one…badly. When will it be available?
    Kind regards
    Lynne May

    • anthonystuff

      Many thanks for your kind comments.
      Re. typos etc. – it’s a fair cop, I did as extensive a proof read as I could but any 200,000 plus word novel is bound to have a few. I do periodically upload a revised source file with needed corrections.

      I’ll be starting the next book on 1st April this year with the aim of having first draft done by Xmas, no promises though, life gets in the way when you don’t write full time. I’ll be posting update here as and when.
      Thanks again,
      Anthony Ryan

  • Damon Wells

    Anthony, I felt compelled to drop you a note and tell you just how much I enjoyed Blood Song. I am now and have been ever since I learned how an avid reader on just about any topic or genre, but my first love is fantasy and science fiction. I have read quite a few self-published authors in the fantasy genre and to be honest while they may win a high school writing award they are usually not worth their price, even if that price is free. You, on the other hand, have a gift. I wish I had the ability to tell a story the way you do, but I will have to sit on the sidelines in envy while urging you to continue to hone your craft. I look forward to reading the sequel to Blood Song and pretty much anything else you publish, and easily predict that one day your name will be well-known by readers of this genre. All my best!

    Damon Wells

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